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When leaders pledge to #EmpowerHer

When leaders pledge to #EmpowerHer

This Women's Day - #EmpowerHer

It would be right to say that 'Being a gender champion today is everyone's responsibility'. We know women who have done great things and achieved great heights and success. However, there is more to be done to empower women at workplaces, to bring gender parity, and to open more doors for women.

This year, in order to celebrate International Women's Day, People Matters brings to you 'Empower Her' where we are fusing content and the most influential voices of the industry to shed light on how these issues can be addressed and how we can 'empower women at work'.

Remember - Being a gender champion is everyone's responsibility. So, let's own up and give it our best!

We hope you gather some interesting insights and learnings from our campaign and are able to imbibe them in your own organizations.


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How women can overcome patriarchal mindset at work

How women can overcome patriarchal mindset at work

The number of women at the workplace is steadily growing, but the ceiling is still there as we are driven by a patriarchal mindset.

Dr. Abha Malik, 16 minutes ago
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