News: Flexible working practices lead to rise in revenue and productivity


Flexible working practices lead to rise in revenue and productivity

According to a new global research report by the world’s largest provider of flexible workplace solutions, Regus, based on responses from 16,000 senior business managers in 80 countries; 72 percent of global businesses reported that increased productivity is a direct result of flexible working practices. Further, 68 percent firms declared that flexible working has led to staff generating increased revenue. In the Indian context, 79 percent of Indian companies surveyed said that their productivity increased due to flexible working practices, while 77 percent linked increasing revenues directly to flexi-working. Further, 72 percent of respondents say that workers in their company feel healthier, thanks to flexible working.

The report points out that small businesses have embraced flexible working more readily than large ones, with 85 percent of employees saying that their company works more flexibly than it used to as compared to 67 percent of large businesses. Besides, flexible working is being successfully used as an important talent retention tool.


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