News: Monster employment index India rises six percent year-over-year


Monster employment index India rises six percent year-over-year

According to the Monster Employment Index in January 2012, the Index witnessed an annual growth rate up by 6 percent, the third consecutive month of single digit annual growth. NGO/Social Services recorded the highest growth, while it was the BPO/ ITeS industry that lead industry sectors in terms of monthly growth. IT and consumer goods/FMCG also recorded strong annual growth, while demand for healthcare occupation recorded the highest annual gain. However, Government/PSU/Defense exhibited steepest annual decline, dropping 21 percent on a year-over-year basis. When it comes to metro markets, Bangalore is the strongest annual gainer, while opportunities in Mumbai and Chennai recorded slightly improved growth pace from December. According to Sanjay Modi, Managing Director (India/ Middle East/ South East Asia),, “Given the current global economic conditions, it is not surprising to see continued single digit annual growth in the Index. However, employers have started the year on a relatively positive note with continued recruitment within large sectors like IT, FMCG and Import/Export.” 

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