Video: Cloud, Machine Learning & Mobile are the major trends in HR

HR Technology

Cloud, Machine Learning & Mobile are the major trends in HR

HR has been using, adapting, and evolving its use of technology. Cloud, Mobile and Machine Learning make for the major trends now. For HR, it is about utilizing that technology's potential

Adam Miller, Founder and CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand, talks about how HR has been using technology and how it has been evolving over the years. The three major trends in HR technology – Cloud, Machine Learning and Mobile. He discusses the trend of shifting to ‘on-premise computing to ‘Cloud computing’ and the changes that take place in the whole environment. New technology has lead to the adoption of new things and that has lead to a change where people get used to new and beautiful software. There has been a major transformation in enterprise software and with new technology and data we have the ability to get insights from the data. Big Data is the next big wave in learning and it is the ability to predict the future.

Topics: HR Technology, Learning & Development

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