Video: Unconventional sources of hiring top talent


Unconventional sources of hiring top talent

Check how new ways of recruiting are taking over the traditional ones

Recruiting new talent is a huge process -- sifting through resumes, exploring interactions over phone, scheduling interviews thereafter and finally selecting the perfect candidate.

So what are the uncoventional ways to source top tech-talent. In this Webinar organised by People Matters, Kevin Freitas, Global Head- Recruiting and Rewards and Harishankaran Karunanidhi, Co-Founder of HackerRank talk about the following points:

  1. How a referral only strategy can get great talent through the door faster?
  2. How to attract passive candidates through your employer brand
  3. How your company leaders are like billboards for hiring top talent
  4. How talent at your company can be leveraged to make hiring social and spread the word about hiring
  5. Why conferences, job boards, hackathons, contests, the larger ecosystem can help you source better


Topics: #Webinar, Recruitment

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