Augment HR functions with a digital workforce

Date and time: 24th March 2020, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST

The workforce is changing and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) empowers organizations to be able to adapt to the changing workforce. RPA enables organizations to get “more work” done and at the same time put the "Human" back into HR. while ensuring all the important but tedious tasks are efficiently carried on. However, the burning question is- can automation make work more human? How are RPA and AI impacting the HR function? And how can organizations apply insights in the context of your organization?

Organizations that are at the forefront of addressing this transformation are not just re-conceptualizing work, they are re-skilling their workforce and using technology solutions to support business processes.

In this webcast by People Matters and Automation Anywhere, you will learn about:

  1. Transformations in the Workplace with RPA and AI
  2. Driving high HR Impact through RPA
  3. How RPA enhances the “human” face of HR

Our Speakers:

Sonali De Sarker

Sonali De Sarker
Sr. Director Human Resources at Automation Anywhere

Arul Joseph

Arul Joseph
Head HR - Asia Pacific, Lenovo


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