Building a business case for your L&D program

Date and time: 28th May 2020, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST

The pace of change organizations across the globe have to keep up with as they find themselves amidst a global pandemic is unprecedented. Enterprises across the globe are looking at digital learning solutions to develop critical skills of the future for their workforce and at the same time, reap tangible business benefits of their talent transformation programs. International Data Corporation (IDC), a leading global research firm, discovered that organizations working with Coursera gain benefits spanning across employee retention and productivity, decreased learning costs and improved learning experience, resulting in a three-year ROI of 746%!

Join Tushar Vaidya, GM - Talent and L&OD, Mahindra Finance and Raghav Gupta, MD, Coursera as they discuss how organizations can pivot their skill development program at a time when L&D budgets are threatened to ensure that they maximise the value of learning and align it to their business objectives.
We will discuss:

  1. How to continue to implement learning and development amidst potential budget cuts
  2. Tips to prepare your organization for new and emerging skill demands of a virtual world
  3. How your organization can get a three-year ROI of 746% from your learning programs

Our Speakers:

Tushar Vaidya

Tushar Vaidya
GM - Talent and L&OD
Mahindra Finance

Raghav Gupta

Raghav Gupta

Our Partner: Coursera


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