Decoding business continuity and expense management in times of crisis

Date and time: 07th April 2020, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST

As businesses battle the impact of the global pandemic caused by COVID 19, their biggest challenge is ensuring business continuity and expense management in times of crisis while making sure there is no break in employee experience.

For businesses that have not yet automated expense management, a crisis such as this makes expense management a challenge given that employees can’t submit expenses physically nor the transfer of expense documents can happen. Moreover, how do businesses account for unscheduled expenses which employees might incur in terms of setting the operational infrastructure to work from home? Thus there is a dire need for businesses to relook at their expense management, benefits transfer, and employee experience strategies during a crisis situation. In this webinar, we will discuss how businesses can strategize expense management and ensure business continuity as working in a crisis mode becomes the new normal.

Here are some key learning takeaways from the session:

  • Building blocks to formulating your strategy on business continuity and expense management in response to the current crisis
  • How should you re-strategize your employee benefits strategy?
  • Ensuring seamless operational expense management in times of crisis
  • Benefits transfer during WFH situation

Our Speakers:

Shailendra Mandrawadkar

Shailendra Mandrawadkar
Vice President - Enterprise Sales, Happay

Indrani Chatterjee

Indrani Chatterjee
CPO, TEDx Speaker, Marshall Goldsmith certified Executive & Team Coach


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