HR's role in shaping the finance teams of tomorrow - How to prepare for changing skillsets and jobs

Date and time: 26th September 2018, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
India Time (Mumbai, GMT+05:30)

Description: Businesses today are in a state of flux. With rapidly changing processes, making cost-effective decisions is crucial. Finance teams have played a large role in facilitating this. However, with everything else changing in the business environment, even finance professionals and their work is getting disrupted. From CFOs to mid-level managers and new employees, everyone is tasked with the responsibility to overcome steep learning curves owing to the changing nature of technology and ensuring they are able to step out and contribute to larger business change. Their job roles are getting restructured and skillset demands are shifting.

To reflect on the changing demands of the finance sector and to discuss the top priorities from an HR perspective, this webcast will feature experts who will cover:

  1. What should HR know about the evolution of finance teams?
  2. Top 5 priorities for the finance talent in the next 12-18 months
  3. The need for a well-defined talent strategy to keep pace with the changing demands
  4. The top desired skills in the financial sector
  5. Foreseeable challenges in skill development in the sector

Our Speakers:

Pauline Schu

Pauline Schu
Professional Insights Manager
ACCA Global

Sandeep Batra

Sandeep Batra
Chief Financial Officer
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals

Our Partner: ACCA


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