Employee Mobility: How to ease Business Travel and Expense Management

Date and time: 12 September 2018, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
India Time (Mumbai, GMT+05:30)

Business travel and expense management is often the second largest expense for any company besides payroll and one of the most difficult spending areas to control. To manage business travel spends more effectively, Indian corporates are actively looking for automated T&E solutions that help to not only drive savings and compliance but also improve employee safety, happiness and productivity.

Reimagining the employee experience (EX) in business travel and expense management is becoming a key area of focus for Indian Corporates with technologies such AI and Machine Learning becoming more common, millennials becoming a major part of the workforce, and blurring lines between leisure and business travel.

Enclosed are the key discussion pointers for the session

  1. Why EX matters in business travel and expense management?
  2. How to identify moments of poor EX across the travel lifecycle?
  3. How can embracing digital solutions help you redefine EX in business travel and expense management?
  4. How can great EX positively affect your employees as well as your bottom line?

Our Speakers:

Yasmin Siddiqui

Yasmin Siddiqui
Head- Employee Development
R.A.K Ceramics

Aftab Adenwala

Aftab Adenwala
Head HR
Fronius India Pvt Ltd.

Ramesh Iyer

Ramesh Iyer
Senior Advisor

Our Partner: Happay


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