Learning Inspiration for 2020 | Reimagining the L&D Framework with Behavioral Science Lens

Date and time: 16th January 2020, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST

One size CANNOT fit all; the success of any L&D initiative is based on how relevant it is for the audience.

Many modern organizations and modern learners count on self-directed learning for their ongoing development. By ‘framing’ L&D solutions differently, participants can be influenced to take more ownership of their learning. Behavioral economics is a silver bullet in L&D. It helps take on challenges which include: creating role-based career mapping for each user and pushing relevant content, driving engagement on learning tools, creating the right learning experience amongst users during the framework design.

It’s time we reimagine our L&D framework in 2020 by leveraging the applied behavioral science. Inspire learning for your workforce by staying relevant. In this webcast by People Matters and BI WORLDWIDE, we will learn about:

  1. Humanizing the L&D framework (User-Centric Learning)
  2. Behavioural Focused Learning Paths (Behavioural Based)
  3. Learning Experience Platforms (Enhanced User Experience – Gamification, Behavioural Evaluation)

Our Speaker:

Peder Jacobsen

Peder Jacobsen
VP Learning & Engagement, BI WORLDWIDE


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