Certified Assessment Expert: High-fidelity blended learning journey

Emerge as a master assessor: link business results to observable human behavior, design assessment centers, deploy tools effectively and effectively articulate, contextualize and communicate takeaways

Start Date: To be updated soon
Course Duration: 6 week learning journey with 3-days of learning labs and online courseware


Course fee: INR 60,000 (incl. of taxes)


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Target Learners

Talent Management Professionals identifying and developing next role readiness for high-potentials to enable succession
Talent Acquisition Professionals interpreting results from different tools and integrate them for effective evaluation
Independent Assessors designing tool competency matrix and success profiles based on business objectives
OD Specialists designing an assessment center and integrate tools, techniques, metrics and desired outcomes

Core Belief

Course Modules


1. Identify Type

Derive meaning from observed behavior
Study nuances of human behavior to generate insights, develop keen observational capabilities, correctly apply frameworks to typify behavior, link to your business imperatives and accordingly align expectations from the role


Utilize Toolkit

Map assessments to outcomes within particular contexts Successfully identify linkage between business and people strategy to spot behaviors that drive results, design tool competency mix to build success profiles, design and deliver assessment centers


Assess Turf

Deploy various tools to effectively assess subjects
Grasp the science behind tool development, proficiently deliver tools independently, align your skills to the role of an assessor and emerging assessment platforms to leverage the breadth of resources available in today’s landscape


Define Takeaways

Interpret and communicate results of assessments
Integrate results from different tools to create comprehensive reports, add dynamism to assessment styles to effectively assess different individuals, anchor feedback delivery around an evolved EQ, embed consistency in delivery

Learning Touchpoints


Details learning outcomes and provides a ready reckoner for implementation

15 Hours of e-Learnings


Curated activities across business styles with solutions and key takeaways

3 Handbooks

Learning Labs

Learn from our best consultants with curated cases and real-life examples

24 Hours of Classroom Sessions


Seamless learning experience with social connects and leaderboards

Continuous Tool


Prepare for real-life application by practicing what you have learned

3 Assignments


Measure your readiness to create a business impact

1 Assessment

Knowledge Hub

Readiness Quiz

Take the short quiz to gauge your performance management expertise

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