Certified Performance Management Expert: High-fidelity blended learning journey

Drive a high performance culture: design, align, fuel, sustain and recognize results through differentiated performance management and construct a VRIN (valuable, rare, inimitable and non-substitutable) competitive advantage for your organization

Start Date: To be updated soon
Course Duration: 4 week learning journey with 2-days of learning labs and online courseware


Course Fee: INR 45,000 (incl. of taxes)


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Target Learners

Performance Management Leaders creating a dynamic and agile approach to performance management
HR Business Partners coaching managers to create impact via a combination of recognition, rewards and development
OD Specialists creating shared accountabilities between individuals, vision, mission and linkage to rewards
PMS Professionals bringing alive the performance management exercise lending deep expertise on execution

Core Belief

Course Modules


Design Performance

Formulate your performance management approach
Create a business case for performance management, articulate linkage between culture, behaviors and performance and propose design choices that enable business success


Align Performance

Align individual results to organizational imperatives Cascade business goals to teams and individuals, determine the measures to be taken for alignment of performance systems with the pace of business to ensure consistent synergies


Fuel Performance

Measure performance and support employee development
Draw comparative analysis of performance, understand the psychology of feedback to effectively coach employees on utilization of strengths and align stakeholders to the overall performance journey


Recognize Performance

Reward above and beyond performance Articulate a future focused and contextualized definition of high-potential to classify talent, deliver the right messages through transparent communication and champion recognition of performance through social and formal avenues


Sustain Performance

Anchor the performance journey
Re-engineer the performance cycle to ensure year-round focus, simplify processes, embrace differentiated talent metrics to predict high performers and effectively leverage technology

Learning Touchpoints


Details learning outcomes and provides a ready reckoner for implementation

5 Hours of e-Learnings


Curated activities across business styles with solutions and key takeaways

2 Handbooks

Learning Labs

Learn from our best consultants with curated cases and real-life examples

16 Hours of Classroom Sessions


Seamless learning experience with social connects and leaderboards

Continuous Tool


Prepare for real-life application by practicing what you have learned

2 Assignments


Measure your readiness to create a business impact

1 Assessment

Knowledge Hub

Readiness Quiz

Take the short quiz to gauge your performance management expertise

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