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Good Times this Daan Utsav

Goodera gives your team members the choice to give either their time or money. If they have ample time and heart, they can volunteer for a community event over the weekend and have a life changing experience. If they are running tight on their deadlines, they can micro-volunteer, that is, take small and quick volunteering initiatives from the comfort of their desk to make a difference.

And if they would rather not get their hands dirty, they have the option of making generous donations to one of our many empanelled organizations.

Because, we know you have a cause!

We understand that your organization has some causes you support.We have organized our opportunities into 3 distinct thematics to help better align with your organizational goals. You can choose any one of the below to begin your engagement.


Health Hamper

Your team members can get up close and personal to understand the real problems in health, nutrition and hygiene and take the first step towards fixing things! Sensitise your team - a little empathy goes a long way in building a cohesive team.

Teach for Tomorrow

Teaching is a mind opening experience that gets you back in touch with the child within yourself. Have your team members bring back their curiosity to the table - you never know, your next company innovation might just be a community event away!

Better India

Our initiatives under Better India bring together many opportunities to help us make our country better! Let your team members own up to our problems as a nation and start finding solutions. This problem solving attitude also creates intrapreneurs within the team!

The Goodness of employee volunteering

While volunteering has a huge impact on the community and improves lives of the marginalised, it also has invaluable benefits to organisations and its employees.

HR & Management Team Members
Employee Management Deeper sence of belonging
Team Building Discover another side of team members
Motivated Workforce High sense of purpose
Employee Branding connect with value system


Some of the Good companies we empower



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