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Did you know that an average worker spends 90,000 hours at work over his/her lifetime. The line between professional and personal is getting blurred, leaving less time for people to keep track of their health and wellness.

We all say “Health is Wealth”. However, this is the wealth which is not meant to be spent but only to be earned abundantly.

People Matters and ekincare bring to you 'Pledge for Health’, a movement that will bring together industry leaders to advocate on the importance of corporate wellness for employees and businesses and the value these programs will add to the business bottomline.

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To build a talent attraction & retention strategy

It is increasingly getting evident that top candidates are really looking for an employer that can offer them something more – that extra 10% that other organizations won’t. For these candidates, an organization that is committed to health and wellbeing and has a structured workplace wellness program in place will always be attractive.

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Building a higher productivity and engagement index

Employee wellbeing is more than just another wellness program — it is a way to improve workforce profitability and drive value for businesses everywhere. Better health naturally leads to improved customer experiences and reduced overtime costs to fill in for unexpected absences, further boosting the bottom-line impact of engaged workers.




The goodness of wellbeing:


Employee wellbeing is more than just a "nice to have" — it is a must for employers that need to remain competitive in today's hot market for talent. Wouldn’t it be great, if businesses deliver awesome values to the world — not at the expense of their people’s wellbeing — but rather, while making them shine. The bottom line will take care of itself when the employees are well & happy. This in essence, is what corporate wellness is about.


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