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HR Tech Industry in 2022 against 2021: With Sandeep Sharma of Workday

Sandeep Sharma, President Asia of Workday interacted with us for an episode of the People Matters Podcast.

According to Sandeep, the hiring in the HR tech industry is 'red hot' right now. He said, "The deck hiring is just red hot at the moment, almost 600,000 Australians are expected to be with the new employer in 2022. Just to give you a perspective, that's almost 5% of the workforce. And so that's actually creating a scarcity of resources because for every position, you know, you don't have enough applicants. And at the same time, the ones who are qualified have multiple opportunities that they can go after."

He further noted that the attitude of the employers of creating talent instead of hiring is where "we actually are helping organizations transform to a skills-based organisation."

Commenting on the emotional quotient of remote working, Sandeep said, "The emotional quotient has become just so critical for the well being of employees... The lack of physical interaction the lack of travelling, the mode of work for us changes quite dramatically."

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