Tech upskilling startup Scaler acquires Coding Minutes

Scaler (by InterviewBit), one of the fastest-growing tech upskilling startups, has announced the acquisition of online learning platform Coding Minutes for USD 1 million in an all-cash deal. This is the second acquisition for the edtech startup. In August, Scaler acquired Coding Elements to accelerate business growth, leading to their Data Science & Machine Learning vertical launch.

With the acquisition of Coding Minutes, Scaler will focus on building specialised content that effectively engages the beginner-level tech aspirant. To date, the edtech brand has focused on upskilling existing tech talent. This acquisition allows Scaler to tailor content towards students and professionals who want to enter the tech industry and have no background in coding or programming. 

Additionally, it bolsters Scaler’s instructor and engineering teams. Bootstrapped by Prateek Narang,  Mohit Uniyal and Jatin Virmani, Coding Minutes was started in early 2021. Coding Minutes will become a part of Scaler and will continue to bring pocket-friendly specialised courses for beginners as part of the acquisition. Prateek Narang has joined as the Engineering Lead & Instructor for Scaler Academy, while Mohit Uniyal has joined as the Instructor for Scaler Data Science & ML Program and Jatin Virmani has joined as Program Manager -Content in the marketing team.

Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-Founder, Scaler & InterviewBit, said, “We are very excited about this acquisition as the Coding Minutes team is fantastic. They are a great combination of outstanding engineering minds with a sincere passion for teaching and giving back to the community. It is truly a 1+1>2 kind of partnership where the impact we can create together for the technology ecosystem in the country is tremendous and something neither of us could have achieved without each other. As we gear up for our next phase of growth and expansion, the experience that Prateek and Mohit bring to the table will help us tap into a much wider learner base. Thanks to them, we at Scaler are one step closer to becoming a world-class virtual tech-varsity.”


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