Article: Performance Management: The year that was & the road ahead in 2017


Performance Management: The year that was & the road ahead in 2017

Looking back on the transformations that businesses have undergone in the realm of employee performance reviews, one finds that companies have been striving to create more intuitive performance review systems that not only help them push employee productivity but also help them in charting a successful journey of professional growth
Performance Management: The year that was & the road ahead in 2017
Organizations and HR professionals, in specific, have always had a tough battle when it comes to pinning down the right way of assessing employee performance. Till today, the jury is still divided over the right way to conduct performance reviews. With a direct impact on other components of the employee’s experience within the company like compensation and engagement, performance management systems have been in a state of constant flux and improvement. Given the strong need to support business growth, HR professionals have begun to modify current performance management systems to capture the contribution of employees in a holistic manner. Traditionally done using tools like rating systems and annual reviews, 2016 had markets witnessing companies shifting from structured, generic and periodic reviews to more personalized and real-time performance gauging mechanisms.  2016 - The year that was Performance initiatives are often characterized by components like regular feedback...

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