Article: Exclusive: Nimrata Kapoor joins Plaksha University as CHRO to foster innovation & collaboration


Exclusive: Nimrata Kapoor joins Plaksha University as CHRO to foster innovation & collaboration

Nimrata Kapoor aims to cultivate an inclusive, innovative, and collaborative culture where individuals feel valued, engaged, and motivated to give their best.
Exclusive: Nimrata Kapoor joins Plaksha University as CHRO to foster innovation & collaboration

Nimrata Randhawa Kapoor has been appointed as the new Chief Human Resource Officer of Plaksha University. She brings with her over two decade of experience, having worked with renowned brands such as J.P. Morgan, Randstad, and Headstrong, among others.

In an exclusive interview with People Matters, Nimrata discussed her decision to join Plaksha University and shared her goals and plans for her new role. "My decision to transition to Plaksha University's HR leadership team was driven by the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to an institution at the forefront of educational innovation. With a passion for talent development and organisational transformation, I view Plaksha as an exciting platform to apply my expertise in a dynamic and challenging environment," she explained.

Moreover, Nimrata expressed her excitement about playing a role in shaping the future of education and innovation. She stated, "Throughout my career, I have played a significant role in scaling up institutions and leading greenfield projects. Plaksha's unique focus on addressing grand challenges, particularly in areas such as AI, digital transformation, energy, water, and sustainability, has captivated my interest. To me, Plaksha represents a distinct opportunity to be part of an ecosystem where cutting-edge research directly influences our nation's future."

Before joining Plaksha University, Nimrata worked in diverse roles across various industries, from leading HR initiatives in multinational corporations like JP Morgan, to being part of a startup Headstrong (now Genpact Headstrong), and Reliance Industries Ltd. She also collaborated with Randstad Risesmart and founded and directed her own HR advisory firm, NimTalkingTalent.

“Over nearly two decades, I’ve blended consulting, coaching, and corporate roles across diverse industries – manufacturing, finance, technology, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, construction, etc. I have successfully led transformative projects, driven HR process improvements, introduced digital HR journeys, and coached leaders to achieve their full potential while navigating a fast-changing environment. My career trajectory has been marked by a commitment to driving HR excellence and delivering impactful results in every role I undertake,” she highlighted during the interview.

Regardless of industry, attracting and retaining top talent is a major challenge for HR leaders. When asked about how she plans to attract and keep talented individuals in the competitive education industry, Nimrata shared she aims to leverage the organisation’s USPs to define and implement targeted talent acquisition strategies that differentiate them as an employer of choice.

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“In the competitive education industry, attracting and retaining talented individuals requires a multifaceted approach that emphasises not only competitive compensation and benefits but also opportunities for professional growth, meaningful work, and a supportive organisational culture. Additionally, I will focus on fostering a culture of inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration to create an environment where individuals feel valued, engaged, and motivated to contribute their best,” she said.

Furthermore, she talked about the importance of personalisation in HR and said, “The biggest trend, as per me, to watch out for is personalisation. The trend of personalisation in HR strategy represents a significant shift towards tailoring employee experiences and processes to meet individual needs and preferences within the organisation. This approach acknowledges that employees have diverse backgrounds, skills, and aspirations, and seeks to create a more customised and engaging work environment for everyone.”

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