Article: 2016 Mobile Assessment Week Round Up


2016 Mobile Assessment Week Round Up

The conventional recruiting model is undergoing a transformation. The fulcrum has shifted from the recruiter to the candidate. And given the pressures on all resources the task is to find the right candidate efficiently. Given this trend, exploring more on this topic and its facets, People Matters and Pearson TalentLens organized an engaging informative week for all.
2016 Mobile Assessment Week Round Up

As the recruitment landscape of India is going through a transition stage, it is no longer recruiter-driven. The focus today has shifted to a candidate driven approach. With the advent of a slew of digital technologies and the influx of the millennial workforce, organizations need to re-invent and re-think their recruitment strategy.  The access of information has moved across various media and form factors to the mobile. Therefore, mobile-enabled recruitment practice is the best strategic step that companies can adopt today. 

A recent study from LinkedIn reveals that the mobile assessments are the future of the recruitment industry. It also revealed that the adoption of mobile-enabled recruiting is set to nearly double in the next 12 months.  This is reinforced by a study by Cedar Crestone that stated that 74% of HR leaders believe that the mobile recruiting tools help in improving the quality of hire. These researches have surely laid a path to the future of recruiting.

Undoubtedly, using mobile phones for hiring adds a competitive edge to a company. Looking at the current scenario, some of the questions that need to be asked by companies are - What is mobile assessment and how does it work? How can organization infuse mobile assessment in their hiring process and benefit from it? What are the repercussions of not including mobile assessment as a part of the recruitment process?

All these important questions and other significant related topics were discussed in a week long initiative, ‘Mobile Assessment Week’, which was jointly organized by People Matters and Pearson TalentLens from 14th to 18th November, 2016.  Besides content focused newsletters, thought papers, webinar and a tweet chat formed part of the week. A thought paper on topic, ‘Mobile recruitment: The mega-shift in talent acquisition’ was also shared with the readers. The paper talked about the crucial role played by mobile phones in crunching the time taken to hire the right candidate. 

The webinar on ‘Up-to-date recruitment : Forward thinking recruitment practices’ was conducted by Shashir Shetty, National Sales Head, Pearson TalentLens, India. The aim of the webinar was to bring insights into the following: a) How mobile recruitment has changed the hiring process. b) Evolution of recruitment and the technology behind assessments and its benefits. c) Barriers to going mobile for recruitment were discussed in length under topics – candidate impersonation, technology adoption barriers, operational challenges and poor user experience. 

The Tweetchat on ‘Sharpening the saw: Leveraging mobile technology to enhance the quality of hiring’ witnessed active engagement. This informative chat was primarily driven by Prashant Bhatnagar, Senior Director - People & Culture, Hike Messenger; Susham Shetty, Regional Manager South, Pearson TalentLens India; Unmesh Pawar, Global Managing Director - Talent Acquisition, Accenture and CEO & Editor-in-Chief of People Matters, Ester Martinez. The trending chat sought answers for questions like a) What are the top reasons to have a candidate driven recruitment. b) Can mobile technology impact the quality of hiring or is it a myth; c) What recruitment challenges can mobile solve d) Some of the best practices of engaging candidates through mobile and e) key challenges that organizations need to overcome to adopt mobile hiring. 

The mobile assessment week played an instrumental role in enabling and accelerating this shift. Overall, the week was truly engaging and impactful as it was successful in disseminating knowledge on mobile recruitment and assessment. 


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