Article: Appreciating work only during appraisal? You got it all wrong!

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Appreciating work only during appraisal? You got it all wrong!

We bring you 7 cost effective ways in which you can show you care about your employees
Appreciating work only during appraisal? You got it all wrong!

Appreciating your employees and team members can be a daunting task.  In the face of the pressure of deadlines and filing reports, showing your recognition only at the time of appraisal and increment is not enough. For you to make your employees feel appreciated, you will actually have to spend some time to figure out solutions to the issues they face. Some of the solutions will be easier to identify and implement, whereas some will take more thought. A nice way to begin would be to put yourself in the shoes of your employees and see what aspects of their work or office could be improved from your end. To get you started, we bring you seven ways in which you can show your employees that you really care for them, and what’s more, all of them are cost-effective:

Personalised compliments and feedback

When someone does well, even if as a part of the team, make sure you appreciate them personally and if possible publicly. Even sending a true and heartfelt email showing appreciation for their work will go a long way. Remember that employees are always looking for ways to display their potential and if they have actually managed to do that make sure to acknowledge it.

Unexpected Treats

Maybe the best way to show that you really care for your employees is by giving them treats when they least expect them. Celebrate successes with Team lunches or dinners, give them half a day off, and allow them to work from home on special occasions. These are simple and effective gestures which will go a long way in establishing their confidence in you as a leader. 

Remove a redundant rule

Almost every organization has one, yours must have one too.  Talk to your employees and find out which rule or policy, do they find the most counterproductive. Chances are it must be something related to documentation or filing, or a redundant feature in your leave policy.  If it causes your employees any sort of discomfort or undue stress, because it is not practical or feasible, do away with it.

Space and Opportunities to be open

Give them space and opportunities to vocalize their thoughts, concerns, and feedback. Make sure they realize that their inputs are valuable. This could be done in the form of informal meetings or during breaks. The idea is to make them realize that their opinions matter. 

Own your mistakes

In case things are going south be brave enough to own up to your mistakes and not push it on your team.  You taking a stand and admitting where you went wrong will convey that you Identify and appreciate the work done by the team and realize what went wrong. If anything, they will respect you for that even more. 

Trust them

Probably the least talked about aspect while appreciating your employees, but important nonetheless. Ensure that they know that you really trust them. Let them take ownership of projects and reports independently, ask for their inputs in strategy and brainstorming new ideas. Show that you really are willing to trust them, and you have faith in their capabilities. 

Office Supplies

Does your office need a new coffee machine?  Or a new TV in the recreational room?  Better quality stationery suppliers?  Invest in them, for every time your employees use them, they will consider it a triumph and feel appreciated!

There are several ways to show your appreciation for your employees, and it depends on how much you really want to give back to the people who are helping you build and run your organization. Bonuses, increments, and raises are something that comes like a clock-work and feel like an obligatory step, rather than appreciative ones. None of the suggestions listed above are absolutely new, or unheard of, but we often forget to implement them. Hence, it is essential to make your employees feel valued and acknowledged for their victories, big and small. Depending on your budget and finances, there is no upper limit to the kind of steps you can take, but let’s begin small?

What does your organization do to make its employees feel treasured? Let us know in the comments below!  

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