Article: Basics of career management: Choice of right job profile


Basics of career management: Choice of right job profile

There are seven steps that may take the candidates to their right and suitable choice of their career.
Basics of career management: Choice of right job profile

In today’s fast paced and extremely competitive world, the younger generation is very demanding in terms of their expectations from the employer.  Majority of the graduates’ desires high package with benefits and lucrative position without understanding the challenging job responsibilities attached to that position.  They requires key skills, knowledge and advancing technology to handle the challenges attached to the post effectively.  The turn of the century has changed the life of students especially in metro cities.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have changed the way, our younger generation think and share.  But still there is lack of proper guidance and understanding on the part of our students as to how they should select best career for them.  

Generally the Selection of right job or career seems to be a complicated talk.  During more than a decade of my career of mentor and career counselor I have guided and helped many thousand students for their career selection and campus, off campus job selection and I have observed that selection of right job and career has been a complicated task for majority of graduates and post graduates.  Many youngsters joined companies through campus and off campus interviews but leave the jobs within a period of six months to one year for one reasons or the other.  Simple reasons for leaving the job early is that they are not able to analyze and decided about the job profile, location, company, salary, money growth prospects.  One has to be very careful and alert while selecting right job and exercise some important and fundamental considerations.  There are seven steps that may take the candidates to their right and suitable choice of their career.

Know your actual liking for a job or profession: First of all, it is very pertinent on the part of a candidate to analyze and understand whether his interest is towards to be a manager or towards starting of a business.  If anyone want to go for corporate life than it is necessary to develop a proper understanding about the area i.e. human resource management, financial management, marketing, international marketing, operation & production management etc.  In case you want to be an entrepreneurs than explore more and more knowledge of various entrepreneurship opportunities in different sectors and important statutory requirements i.e. Permissions, Licenses, NOCs from different departments and ministries for starting of that venture.

Check the status and credentials of the company: Once you are sure about your future career planning about corporate life next important thing is that you should do R&D about your dream company.  All details about the Company, its turnover, staff strength, professional activities, and SWOT analysis should be obtained either personally or through use of Websites and magazines.

Develop clear understanding about post and position of your choice.  If you are very clear that you will go for professional or corporate life next important thing, you have to explore the details of position and post, as per your qualifications and skills available in your preferred organizations.  One should also check the pay-package, salary and other incentives attached to the expected position. Of course, do not forget to collect information about task , responsibilities of the position and skills,  capabilities, knowledge required to perform.

Analyze- the career growth opportunities: One should not only check credentials of the company but also explore the possibility to know the company’s policy about career planning and expansion of the employees.  Now a days large number of companies have a very sound and good policies for career & succession planning for their employees. 

Explore for Work Life Balance: I have seen many youngsters left the job within six months or a year for the reason being that very hectic and challenging job, never ending time demanding job, not able to find time for the family and personal commitments.  One should also ensure that work place should not be very far, and if it is far than think about the suitable alternative of finding a place to live near the company so that you can manage work life balance between personal life and professional life.

Know your would be boss/ superior and colleagues:  It is also important to know about the culture and atmosphere in the company because one has to coordinate and liaison with Boss and colleagues  and for that it is necessary to collect more and more information about them.  This is necessary for long, better and peaceful professional life.

It is not possible that everyone may get their dream job but a person can try and take up a decent job of his/her choice if he/she works out sincerely on the above points.   It is a give and take agreement on the part of candidates and employer as a candidate needs a good job similarly employer needs a good employee suitable for their requirements.  Pick up a best job on the basis of choice your preferred profile, pay-package, Job satisfaction and good company profile, subject to self evaluation on the above parameters. 

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