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Mobile enabled assessment solutions

Technology has revolutionised the way a talent acquisition identifies the right talent. Today, mobile enabled assessment solutions are helping companies improve productivity and business bottom lines. Here's how, read on..
Mobile enabled assessment solutions

Improving global economic outlook has driven organizations to reach out for growth opportunities with a renewed surge in hiring in recent years. The methods of talent acquisition, however, have changed and technology is at the forefront of enabling this change. Employment history and over-dependence on face-to-face interviews are a thing of the past, making way for cognitive assessments and data analysis as employers look for better ways to ensure that a recruit is indeed suited for the job.

Talent is the foundation for success of any business, making it a critical area that business leaders cannot ignore. Organizations rely on different approaches depending on their needs for assessing talent in prospective and current employees. Here quality of assessments plays a crucial role in identifying the right candidate in the most objective way.

Traditions vs. technology

A traditional approach to talent acquisition with screening and interviews is still in use. However, such practices are proving to be extremely time-consuming in a fast moving, global business environment. This is where technology has swooped in and filled up the gap for many recruiters.

The emergence and evolution of social media and mobile technology has successfully challenged the status quo of the traditional hiring process. Hiring managers now have access to a candidate’s social media profiles, enabling them to get richer information about the candidate. 

However, technology hasn’t limited itself to social media. The rapid advance of mobile and smartphone technology has lent yet another helping hand in the evolution of assessment methods more suited to the present day.

Recruitment is evolving with mobile

The reasons most organizations assess individuals often vary but remain within a short range of applications like hiring, promotions or leadership and career development training. But as mobile technology evolves, the way these assessments are carried out is evolving as well. Mobile devices have successfully overtaken desktop devices in sales, especially in developing economies. As a result, more recruiters and candidates are relying on mobile devices for learning and assessments.

HR professionals also believe that mobile access to candidate profiles helps recruiters in assessing and acquiring talent from across geographies. This not only ensures a larger talent pool for them to tap into, but also helps the young population with better employment opportunities.

Job seekers are looking for mobile solutions

A 2013 LinkedIn study suggested that not enough is being done by organizations and recruiters to implement mobile hiring solutions, while candidates are demanding more of it. This study shows that nearly 60-percent passive candidates prefer to find and use opportunities using mobile devices. However, this latest study by LinkedIn shows that nearly one-third organizations are still struggling with the idea of how to tap into this talent pool of passive candidates.

These studies clearly indicate a demand for technology in recruitment among candidates. Therefore, for HR professionals, it becomes important to lay emphasis on designing the assessments in a better way. The assessments must also be mobile optimized and engaging.

Parting thoughts

As talent becomes scarce and the war for talent acquisition heats up, recruiters are increasingly relying on technology and innovation to source, assess and engage candidates at every stage. The challenge of reach, acceptance, uniformity, and conducting assessments over a large geographical presence are still present. Time and resource scarcity are also a factor to consider in the equation. But with  tech-savvy talent management companies already playing their part in developing new ways to enable HR professionals to shed these restrictions, it falls on the HR professionals to choose the most innovative method to find the best talent in a faster, more cost-effective  and smarter way. 

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