Article: Automation helps humans evolve


Automation helps humans evolve

So what happens when machines replace humans at the workplace? A look the options humans are left with in such a scenario
Automation helps humans evolve
While the debate rages on the effect of technology adoption, automation and artificial intelligence on job cuts, a relevant question that comes up is regarding the quality of jobs. Let’s first understand the meaning of technology or technique, in general. Any approach that saves human effort can be deemed as technology. A pulley is as much a technology as a computer, except one is low-tech, and the latter is high-tech.  Now let’s cast a wider net and look at the essence of human evolution in the last 1000 years. It would become quickly apparent that our evolution is punctuated with technological advancements. The printing press, steam engine, electricity, assembly line, gasoline engine, and you name them, most of these ‘general purpose technologies’ have helped humans take a leap in the evolutionary trajectory. So the debate between technology and human labour is not necessarily new.  Every time a technology gets introduced, it threatens the dominan...
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