Article: Do You Know Your Potential Hires? 'See' Them First!

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Do You Know Your Potential Hires? 'See' Them First!

Bangalore-based cFIRST, Indias most admired Background Screening Company, provides soup-to-nuts background verification services to its clients in India, U.S., U.K. Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle East and more.
Do You Know Your Potential Hires? 'See' Them First!

"Every man’s watchman - is his conscience" - Harper Lee

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But, does conscience really manage to be the able watchman - we would prefer it to be? The answer – we all know – clearly reflects in the endless security measures and locking mechanisms we employ. 

We ensure instating security layers to protect our homes, closets, work spaces, screens et al. Yet, we, somehow, miss out on putting those invaluable layers – when it comes to our hiring practices! Can the vital organizational goals, across functions, be achieved without the ‘right’ people?  How do you ensure that someone you make a part of your team – is reliable and trustworthy? Clearly, relying on the ‘conscience’ is not done!  

‘Not Knowing’ your employees - is a mistake - you can’t afford to make in this eclectic, tumultuous world. cFIRST, with its top-notch, secure and hi-tech processes, helps you find the most trustworthy ‘fit’ for your organization.

Is your business HR-fraud-proof? 

Fraudulent practices within organizations are more common than you think! False information, negative rumors, liability lawsuits, corrupt, unhealthy or rogue work practices - a ‘wrong’ hire is capable of all this – and more. 

A Rotten Apple Spoils the Barrel… A fraud may sneak into your confidential data. A miscreant is capable of causing more long-term harm to your business than you realize. 

Do you ensure that your employees are ‘trustworthy’? 

Every employee, we take on-board, is a custodian of our processes, value systems and ethics – and of our intellectual capital, specialized data, classified information, trade secrets and more.   

However, every recruit is initially a stranger. HR personnel ‘know’ what they see, details a candidate discloses and info they gather through references (and hearsay). Should we trust a stranger basis this measly information, or in merely ‘good faith’?  

What we ‘don’t know’ can hurt!

Formal and intensive background verification checks are non-negotiable. Unearthing and collecting important and ‘possibly hidden’ information is a specialized task. Dedicated background verification agencies like cFIRST, with industry edge, global reach and proven track record, can carry out thorough employee checks to safeguard your business!  

No Background Checks is a practice – we must CHANGE! 

Industry surveys reveal that a staggering number of businesses still employ people without formal background checks! The ratio gets dangerously worse in smaller set-ups. 

Human Resource is one of the most precious assets of your enterprise, and it is sheer madness to take resumes or references at their face value. 

 Reliable Employee Checks with cFIRST - Leaders in Employee Background Verification Services in India - with a noteworthy global footprint.  

Character matters… – ‘See’ in and out!

Character, Commitment and Competence – the 3 Cs are integral values in any candidate we consider for employment. Gauging them through defined HR practices is possible – but only to an extent. Can something as intangible as ‘character’ be simply defined by a furnished ‘character certificate’?

Do you know of a possible drug abuse or criminal background? Why has this shortlist been shifting his residence like a manic? Did you track a hire’s social media crawl? Has this person done something about his anger issue? 

The questions are endless – the answers vastly eclectic – from innocent or inconsequential to potentially dangerous. Formal, technology-enabled background checks are mandatory. A little extra cost at this stage would save your business the huge, often irreparable, damage and trauma of hiring a bad fish. 

cFIRST - ISO 27001:2013 certified, NASSCOM NSR empaneled company with best in-class service quality and excellent turnaround times.  

See first – with the cFIRST edge!

Background verification specialists like cFIRST - employ cutting edge HR competencies and technology processes through ethical, diligent practices – to carry out every stage of employee background verification – with absolute discretion. 

Headed by tenacious women leaders, like Suzan Moore and Lourdes Fernandes, who understand the ‘soft’ side of the HR function as thoroughly as they intuitively recognize the need to ‘safeguard’ their spaces, cFIRST has a 10+ years’ experience of ensuring improved employee quality and regulatory & standards compliance for its clients in India and host of other global companies, including fortune 500 conglomerates. 

Strong international presence and networks allow cFIRST to carry out reliable verification and checks across the globe.  

From cross-checking references, addresses and education/ employment details - to evaluating one’s psychometric make-up and social media travails, gauging criminal or other relevant history, rigorous and detailed background checks, carried out by cFIRST’s refined, technology-backed processes cover it all. 

Checking Systems to Suit Your Specific Needs

cFIRST - Awarded and Trusted by World’s largest IT Company!

cFIRST employs different types of background checks. The market leader works ceaselessly on its cornerstones of Character, Commitment and Competence – in tune with the industry and hiring profile.  

From finding the right candidate for a crucial role to creating a safer workplace and culture, and safeguarding brands and profits – to ensuring a pleasant on-boarding experience – Bangalore-based cFIRST, India’s most admired Background Screening Company, provides soup-to-nuts background verification services to its clients in India, U.S., U.K. Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle East and more.

Chosen by the world’s largest IT Company, cFIRST offers unmatched ease of business and streamlined communication, and has successfully served host of global enterprises, across different verticals, including IT-Enabled Services, Healthcare, BFSI, Retail and Manufacturing.   

Building a culture of mutual trust…

The cFIRST team rigorously works to ensure its clients can sleep in peace. With its customer-centric and tech-driven, reliable yet tactful approach, cFIRST offers exacting, indubitable and speedy checks. Dedicated client service teams at cFIRST work directly with clients - who receive regular updates and alerts, through portal and emails, about the statuses and results of the checks.

See the ‘real’ truth – Say ‘yes’ to cFIRST!

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