Article: Automated rewards program for improving employee loyalty & trust

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Automated rewards program for improving employee loyalty & trust

Access Healthcare's strong rewards framework has helped its employees earn rewards points for achieving the production target, consistency in quality, and regularity at work.
Automated rewards program for improving employee loyalty & trust

Instant rewards motivate employees to perform better and remain loyal to the company. With the aim to achieving a loyal and productive workplace in the business process services industry, Access Healthcare has fully automated its rewards program “arc.rewards”, and is considered to be an industry best practice rewards initiative. The company’s workflow system that measures the productivity, quality, and attendance of the employees is integrated with the rewards engine to enable instant allocation of points to eligible employees. This automated allocation of reward points has enabled the organization to eliminate biases and delays in point allocation on one side, while delivering a transparent and meaningful rewards program that drives the company’s high-performance culture. 

While most business process services organizations utilize business process management tools for managing their workforce and the delivery of services to their customers, Access Healthcare has demonstrated that connecting performance management systems to an organization’s core service delivery engines can create interesting possibilities to improve the overall employee experience.

Access Healthcare’s strong rewards framework has helped its employees earn rewards points for achieving the production target, consistency in quality, and regularity at work. With employee performance data coming in from service delivery systems, Access Healthcare’s HR leadership has defined the behaviors that need to be recognized, and these are:

  • Enabling higher productivity by recognizing achievement of daily targets
  • Greater focus on quality by recognizing achievement of quality thresholds 
  • Drive focus on reducing shrinkage by recognizing those with 100% attendance
  • Improve knowledge of customer’s business processes by recognizing employees which achieve 100% marks in weekly test scores.
  • Identify high potential employees by creating rewards leagues that promote healthy competition through gamification

The company has worked on automating its fulfillment processes through integration with a digital payments engine like PayTM. While the company also offers vouchers from providers such as Amazon, Flipkart and Sodexho, digital payments account for over 98% of the overall redemptions made by employees.

A positive work environment created by Access Healthcare’s Rewards program 

The principles of an effective rewards program are simple — Transparency, On-time recognition and fulfillment, and Promotion of healthy competition. Through the automation of the entire rewards cycle, Access Healthcare has been able to cut down its attrition levels i.e. it has sub-30% attrition levels and has achieved over 80% ESAT rate. The overall satisfaction from the rewards program is over 98%. Some of the key features of the program are listed below.

Fully Automated Rewards system

The system automatically allocates points to employees across all three categories – Production, Quality, and Attendance in a live environment. With notifications on points allocation, and on-demand report generation, employees have complete transparency on the rewards program. The fulfillment process has also been automated. With shrinkage reduction as one of the most important goals, the company conducts 2X, 3X, 4X campaigns on days that have been identified to have high shrinkage. The company also has an option to give “cashback points” on selected days.

Making a Cultural Difference!

The program has been successful in driving a high-performance culture as evident in the 7.5% productivity increase of the company. As the program recognizes positive behaviors valued by Access Healthcare’s customer, it helps drive higher customer focus and improves work-life balance.

Promoting healthy competition

All points (LifeTime Points) received by an employee are aggregated to create ‘leagues’. With employees automatically getting enrolled in the bronze league, they work their way up to silver, gold, crystal and Champion levels. The company conducts special programs for the employees who are in the top of their respective league levels and also has a “graduation” ceremony when one moves up the league. 

More Engagement; Higher Productivity

The rewards program is directly aligned with service delivery parameters and the reward points are awarded for the successful achievement of the daily targets. This helps in gaining employee trust and loyalty, as well as fosters healthy competitive spirit in delivering Customer Delight. Finally, it is all the engagement that matters. The more you engage with employees, the higher is the outcome!

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