Article: Best practices in holistic recognition in rewards space

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Best practices in holistic recognition in rewards space

Customised reward strategies in holistic recognition by three prominent companies reflecting their business challenge , solution and impact
Best practices in holistic recognition in rewards space
NIIT Technologies NIIT Technologies is a global IT solutions organization addressing service requirements of clients in many areas such as travel and transportation, banking and financial services, insurance etc. The company is helping businesses design agile, scalable, and digital operating models. NIIT Technologies has created a challenging and fulfilling work environment, which is transparent, innovative, and development-oriented. The endeavor is to build an organization where people look forward to working toward building new ideas and adding more value to their work. Business Challenge  With enterprises all over the world experiencing transformation in various business activities, the IT companies are expected to engage with customers as value-adding partners, bringing new ideas and new value into the customer’s business. In an industry that is at an inflection point, NIIT Tech aspired to take a strategic view of customer service excellence and needed to transform t...
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