Article: #23 HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company: Respect for all


#23 HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company: Respect for all

Mutual respect, ethics and honesty drive the company
#23 HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company: Respect for all

HDFC Life Insurance prides itself to be an ethical and honest organization in the way it runs business. One fact employees like is that the company listens to their ideas and suggestions and gives them opportunities to learn and grow further.

The emphasis on listening to its employees is seen in its practices. ‘Sparsh’ is an employee communication program at HDFC Life which is a town hall activity conducted annually company-wide in the month of November and December. Depending on the theme of the year, the presentations are designed to capture the industry performance, business performance, initiative updates, achievements, organizational goals etc. The entire communication meet happens at four levels to ensure people at all levels are connected in the same aspect.

This year, they launched ‘E-Sparsh’ which is a comprehensive online query and grievance management system. This system is a one-stop-shop for all queries related to employee concerns which allows prompts attention to any employee query by ensuring it’s just one click away.

The culture at HDFC Life provides every individual equal respect and recognition irrespective of their designation. As a matter of fact, innovative ideas are considered irrespective of the designation of the employee who shares them, as far as they are beneficial to the organization.

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