Article: #18 Monsanto India: Farmers' progress. India's pride


#18 Monsanto India: Farmers' progress. India's pride

Training and development across cross-functional roles to keep people engaged
#18 Monsanto India: Farmers' progress. India's pride

Monsanto India lives by its vision of ‘Improving Agriculture Improves Lives’. The team’s passion for farmers and agriculture enabled by a collaborative, entrepreneurial, grassroots culture, and matrix structure, creates a Great Place to Work® at Monsanto.

While offering training and development opportunities through cross-functional roles and assignments, it encourages employees to build strong inter-personal relationships and maintain a healthy work-life balance. The vision fosters learning and growth opportunities, spurring innovation to create products, technologies and services that enable its farmer customers to produce more and improve their lives. This excites and engages its employees to do their best and build careers, while making a difference to the society.

The organization has also institutionalized a number of best practices to identify talent. For instance, as a part of ‘People Leader Learning Series’, all people managers go through an intensive training on recruitment and staffing to help identify skills from talent, performance, and potential. The ‘Ambassadors Team’ across Monsanto India is the employees-in-action group, responsible for creating a fun and safe workspace environment.

A passion for farmers and agriculture, strong set of values, long-term vision for agriculture, and innovative partnering approach, towards its employees, seed and technology industry, society and the nation at large, is what makes Monsanto an attractive workplace.


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