Article: Talent Acquisition Practices in Indian Organisations


Talent Acquisition Practices in Indian Organisations

A joint study by SHL Talent Measurement, CEB and People Matters on talent acquisition practices in India
Talent Acquisition Practices in Indian Organisations
The talent acquisition function is the first interface between an organisation and the talent market. Oftentimes the fate of a business plan starts taking shape at the time when an organisation makes a pitch to the talent market on why a candidate should consider investing their time, effort, and faculties for a brand. And from there on, every human capital metric – from engagement to performance – depends on how well the talent acquisition function was able to align the needs and requirements of a candidate with those of the organisation. How often, though, do we see talent acquisition as an active ingredient in an organisation’s strategy planning process? Several factors make talent acquisition (TA) challenges in India unique. The absence of a diverse talent pool, conventional thought processes, and cross-geography issues make talent acquisition in India complex and challenging. It is said that tough conditions also produce inventive solutions. The SHL Talent Measu...

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