Article: Dear HR, Putting yourself before others can save your company


Dear HR, Putting yourself before others can save your company

For most people, being experimental, taking risks, re-imagining work, focusing on innovation etc. happen everywhere but in HR. So what can organizations do to build HR capabilities and maximize functions impact on business?
Dear HR, Putting yourself before others can save your company
A group of individuals was once given a tour of a mental hospital. One of the visitors in the group made some very insensitive remarks about the patients. After the tour was completed, the visitors were introduced and met with various members of the mental hospital staff in the cafeteria. The unkind visitor chatted with one of the security staff, Rita, a kind and wise ex-policewoman. “Are they all sick and crazy loonies in here then?” the visitor asked. “Only the ones who fail the test,” replied Rita. “What is the test?” asked the man. Rita replied, “Well, we show them a bathtub filled with water, a large bucket, a large cup and a spoon. We then ask them what the quickest way to empty the water in the bath would be.” The man said, “Oh, I see… that is pretty simple – the ‘normal one’ knows it’s the bucket, right?” “No actually,” replied Rita. “The normal ones say pull out the ...

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In the next three years, 120 million jobs in the world’s 10 largest economies will need retraining or re-skilling. To adapt to this new environment and help shape it, employees need to embrace continuous learning. Amid these changes, HR needs to not think, act, or be like traditional HR; they need to understand their job is now “human transformation”. In this issue, we will focus on what HR leaders and organizations need to consider today to prepare for tomorrow.

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