Article: Failure to Launch - A perspective on the transformation initiatives

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Failure to Launch - A perspective on the transformation initiatives

Failures are still the predominant outcome of transformation initiatives. Can we build safety-nets to prevent failures during transformation?
Failure to Launch - A perspective on the transformation initiatives
We increasingly find all CEOs saying with even more emphasis in this VUCA world that the "Only constant is CHANGE". This coupled with the reality that if you don't transform or reinvent yourself in what are increasingly turning out to be shorter and shorter business cycles, you will either get disrupted or become irrelevant. Increasingly, TSR and company valuation/ stock prices are linked to that ability to transform and reinvent a firm with innovation, and smart and quick execution. Take the example of Kodak in January 2018. The announcement and pivot for Kodak to become a technology company that is anchored in Blockchain technology to solve the rampant issue of licensing and copyright of photography and also start its own cryptocurrency Kodakcoin as means of immediate payment, resulted in its stock rising by over 220 percent in 2 days. While that may clearly be a short-term over-reaction, it tells you how investors value the ability to transform and the right time and speed of doin...

Topics: Business Transformation, C-Suite, HR Technology

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Amid this new business imperative called EX, organizations are increasingly directing their focus on enhancing not only the professional prospects of their workforce but also their employees’ cumulative professional experience and creating that 'aha' moments. In this issue, we take a look at the right mix of physical, digital and emotional experiences that can help organizations elevate the employee experience, and more importantly the roadblocks that organizations face to create a home-away-home.

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