Article: 10 CEOs share their visions on AI


10 CEOs share their visions on AI

Enterprise leaders are making ambitious AI bets. But excitement is tempered with caution around displacement and bias. Their perspectives reveal the high-stakes gambit to harness AI’s potential. Here are insights from 10 top leaders.
10 CEOs share their visions on AI

The true value of AI lies not in simply automating tasks, but in empowering human capabilities to achieve targeted impact. Bob Pryor, from NTT Data Services, defines this shift as "supercharging human potential".  Daisy Chittilapilly at Cisco underscores the pressing ethical responsibility that comes hand-in-hand with technological progress. Integrating AI judiciously and ethically is a non-negotiable imperative in our pursuit of progress. Nilam Patel, MD, India operations, argues AI is already disrupting and elevating work in unprecedented ways.

We interviewed 10 CEOs about their views on AI and how they plan to harness it for business growth. The key message is clear: while AI has vast potential, realising it requires principled implementation based on human values and responsible practices.

Bob Pryor, CEO, NTT Data Services - Brace for the AI revolution

AI doesn't eliminate jobs; it enhances people's efficacy.  The challenge isn't whether they are displaced by technology but whether we're scaling them fast enough to use the advanced technologies we're investing in and developing.  

NTT is set to launch Tsuzumi, a large language generative AI model. Launching first in Japanese in the coming months, followed by English next year, Tsuzumi promises substantial improvements in accuracy, reliability, and energy efficiency compared to tools like chatGPT.

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There's tremendous excitement and enthusiasm, but the key lies in identifying specific use cases.. AI's impact is tangible in specific use cases, improving productivity, quality, reliability, and speed. Focused AI application is crucial for meaningful impact.

AI doesn't replace jobs; it empowers people. The real challenge is scaling up our workforce fast enough to leverage cutting-edge technologies - Bob Pryor, CEO of NTT Data Services 


Mohua Sengupta, CEO, MGN - Igniting digital revolution

Digital transformation has evolved from basic process digitisation, like early e-banking, to embracing avant-garde technologies such as AI, AR, VR, ML, and Blockchain. This industry shift signifies a steadfast commitment to leading technological advancements, revolutionising the traditional mainframe-centric model. A prime example is our bank, now thriving without reliance on any mainframe—an achievement deemed unthinkable a mere decade ago.

Sumed Marwaha, MD, Unisys India - Fueling the future of EX

Generative AI has opened doors to a myriad of possibilities, but the true power lies in how companies translate their potential into customer-centric solutions. Unisys is actively creating use cases to transform our customer challenges.  

Generative AI opens endless possibilities, but its true strength lies in translating potential into solutions that center around the customer - Sumed Marwaha, MD of Unisys India 

Our journey with AI and data analytics spans many years, and tools like ChatGPT have turbocharged this progress. We're working toward creating use cases using a ChatGPT-like interface for our customers, and training models to produce better outputs. 

Tarun Chugh, CEO, Bajaj Allianz Life - Sustainable insurance growth

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning across the entire insurance value chain is no longer an option and we are only increasingly enhancing its usage. Our 99.04% claim settlement ratio attests to effective underwriting and claims processing aided by these technologies. They drive accurate risk assessments, personalised premiums, and sustainable value, ensuring an enhanced customer experience.  

Ashok Gupta, Shalimar Paints, CEO - AI in every process

We're exploring AI but it's early days. Across manufacturing, servicing, and supply chains, technology plays a pivotal role. Digital tools guide tailored product development, and automation ensures precision from formulation to packaging. Our sales force operates in a highly digitised, real-time environment. Technology is transformative, impacting not only manufacturing and R&D but also shaping marketing and sales strategies.

Nilam Patel, MD, India operations - Enhanced UX with Gen AI

S&P Global Market Intelligence has introduced an AI-powered workflow tool on S&P Capital IQ Pro to enhance the platform's search and analytics capabilities. We're integrating Gen AI into all our 400 product platforms within the next 18 months. This ensures that our clients receive swift and reliable information for their critical decisions.

Daisy Chittilapilly, President, Cisco India, SAARC - Mindful AI Integration

At Cisco, we're passionate about AI, embedding it across our technology landscape. Our responsible approach prioritises privacy, data integrity, and human rights. We're taking a 'go slow to go fast' approach, keen on understanding AI's implications fully before deployment. This isn't just for us but for our customers, partners, and the broader community.  Our ongoing experiments are paving the way, but we're still uncovering the most impactful use cases.  

Embracing a 'go slow to go fast' approach, we prioritise understanding AI's implications fully. It's not just for us but for our customers, partners, and the broader community  - Daisy Chittilapilly, President, Cisco India & SAARC 

Fiona Lee, Singapore MD, HP - A new kind of PC

We've implemented AI in various solutions, including laptops and Poly solutions. We are working towards embedding AI directly into every PC, facilitating real-time data analysis, recommendations, and dialogue without the lag associated with cloud-based processing. Our overall approach to generative AI involves integrating it into our devices and solutions, prioritising real-time applications to enhance user experiences and productivity.

Simon Ma, MD ASEAN, Freshworks - Data-driven enterprise

Freddy AI maximises productivity, particularly in HR, with personalised, conversational interactions for a next-gen employee experience. Organisations are betting on AI to improve candidate pipelines through automated hiring workflows. The drive to become more data-driven is accelerating the efforts to eliminate data silos by implementing a centralised platform for managing employee data. 

Glenn Gore, CEO, Affinidi - Extra layer of personalisation

We deploy AI directly on devices, creating the Affinidi Concierge—a personalised AI exclusively for individuals. Users can inquire about their data, from favourite brands to fitness insights, receiving personalised recommendations. Affinidi Concierge leverages AI and generative AI for an extra layer of personalisation.

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