Article: 800 new AI jobs in Ireland: Is IBM proving AI can create jobs?


800 new AI jobs in Ireland: Is IBM proving AI can create jobs?

IBM's announcement of 800 new AI jobs in Ireland challenges the prevailing narrative of AI as a job destroyer. Could this be a sign of a shift in the job market?
800 new AI jobs in Ireland: Is IBM proving AI can create jobs?

In a move that may challenge the narrative of AI as a job destroyer, IBM announced its plans to create up to 800 new high-value tech jobs in Ireland. The company will focus on developing advanced AI-powered software, making this the largest multinational job announcement in the country this year, state investment agency IDA Ireland said.

The new roles will span research and development, digital sales, and consulting, highlighting the diverse skill sets needed to build and deploy AI solutions. This significant investment by IBM, already one of Ireland's largest multinational employers with 3,000 staff, signals a strong belief in the potential of AI to drive innovation and economic growth. 

"As IBM continues to help organisations transform their businesses with hybrid cloud and AI, attracting, developing, and retaining talent remains a key priority," said James Kavanaugh, IBM senior vice president and chief financial officer. "Today’s announcement is a testament to the calibre of talent here in Ireland."


Ireland's Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Peter Burke, welcomed the news saying "this is fantastic news". He emphasised the country's commitment to technological advancement and the opportunities these roles present for the skilled workforce.

The announcement comes at a time when the impact of AI on the job market is a subject of intense debate. While concerns about job displacement persist, IBM's investment suggests a more optimistic outlook, where AI is not only creating new jobs but also driving demand for specialised skills in areas like research, development, and consulting.

Deborah Threadgold, IBM Ireland country general manager, expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, stating, "We’re thrilled to announce this landmark and transformational initiative that will position the Irish operation at the cutting edge of next-generation technology development within IBM globally."

This move by IBM could be a bellwether for other tech companies, demonstrating that AI is not just a threat to jobs but also a catalyst for new employment opportunities. As AI continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how it reshapes the global workforce and what new roles and industries emerge in its wake.

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