Article: Outlook 2024: What will be the top priorities for HR leaders in new year


Outlook 2024: What will be the top priorities for HR leaders in new year

In the era of technological advancement, shifting workforce dynamics, and an amplified focus on employee well-being, the priorities for HR leaders have undergone a profound transformation.
Outlook 2024: What will be the top priorities for HR leaders in new year

As we embark on the dynamic landscape of 2024, human resources leaders find themselves at the nexus of change, charged with steering organisations through unprecedented challenges and transformative opportunities.

The evolving nature of work, technological advancements, and societal shifts continue to reshape the workforce paradigm. In this context, HR leaders have a pivotal role in fostering resilience, driving innovation, and cultivating a workplace culture that thrives amidst change. Hence, they need to set their focus for 2024 which is just a few days away from us. Here is what some leaders have named as their priorities.

Greater diversity and inclusion

For Munish Vasudeva, Chief Human Resources Officer, of Hindustan Zinc Limited, fostering a workplace culture deeply rooted in diversity and inclusivity will be a priority in 2024. His focus is to create an environment that not only embraces differences but also leverages them for greater innovation and success.

Munish also suggests that employee engagement, work-life integration, and the overall employee happiness quotient, pivoting on MPV - Mental, Physical, and Financial well-being, are at the forefront of top priorities, aligning with the "one team-one dream-one vision" goal of organisational success.

Focusing on initiatives to integrate technology in HR processes, managing diversity and inclusivity are as important as facilitating employee well-being, and mental health, and continuous focus to upskill and reskill employees.

Learning is essential

Learning and development remain pivotal, and investing in cutting-edge technologies to provide the workforce with continuous, tailored learning opportunities is key to taking the organisation to the next level.

“Owing to the rapid adoption of technology and digitalisation, it is essential for employees to constantly reinvent themselves and stay updated,” says Harpreet Kaur, Senior Vice President & Head - Corporate Personnel & Administration at Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Munish too emphasised that a growth mindset is crucial for navigating the challenges of our industry alongside a workforce that thrives on innovation.

Employee engagement

Amid economic uncertainty, dynamic HR trends, and the evolutionary HR landscape, the world of work will need a more foresightful approach from HR leaders in 2024 and beyond, says Sachin Alug, CEO, NLB Services. “Navigating the same will require focus on certain key areas such as adoption and optimisation of HR technology, redefining workplace culture, employee experience, upskilling, and internal mobility will continue to be key focus areas for HR leaders in 2024,” he suggests.

“We expect HR leaders to not merely become well-versed in emerging technologies like GenAI but also optimise them for their customised gains in 2024,” says Alug.

He further adds that work culture and its importance in sustaining a conducive professional atmosphere is indispensable.

“Treating employees as customers has been on the wish list of many organisations but since it's easier said than done, HR leaders must focus on creating value for employees by offering them tools and platforms to bring their best selves to work,” explains Alug.

“Building a strong work culture that supports employee engagement and involvement, thereby creating a sense of belongingness and ownership in the organisation will be our focus area,” says Harpreet.

According to Harpreet, creating a culture in which individuals collaborate to win as a team must be the priority for the people leaders.

Concerted efforts to address the skill gap

It has been observed that the skills gap has been a challenge for numerous HR leaders and organisations across industries. “To tackle the same, it will take a concerted effort from HR leaders to promote internal mobility for better utilisation of skills and aptitudes that existing employees bring to the table. This will also underscore the importance of upskilling and providing a clear and transparent path for employees to excel in their professional journeys,” Alug concludes.

As HR leaders chart the course for 2024, addressing these priorities will not only enhance the employee experience but also contribute to the overall success and sustainability of the organisation. By embracing innovation, promoting inclusivity, and focusing on the well-being of the workforce, HR leaders can shape a future where people and organisations thrive together.

Sagar Pandey, Head of HR at Swastika Investmart, suggests focusing on employee well-being, digital transformation, a diverse and inclusive workplace, workforce up-skilling, and implementing agile tactics in 2024 to effectively manage change.

For Sagar, a culture of cooperation, adaptability, and creativity is necessary for the work environment of the future. “HR leaders must develop and put into action plans to establish a solid organisational culture that supports both employee values and corporate goals. The HR function is changing as a result of technology. To support decision-making, automate processes, improve data analysis, and improve the employee experience, HR leaders have to explore and apply new technologies,” says Sagar who is also vocal about investing money into career development initiatives that can raise employee retention, satisfaction, and engagement.

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