Article: Leaders will shift focus on intangibles: M.D. Mallya


Leaders will shift focus on intangibles: M.D. Mallya

In conversation with M.D. Mallya, CMD, Bank of Baroda

Leaders will shift focus on intangibles


How will you define the role of the leader in the next orbit?
For any organization to go to the next level of orbit, strategic planning is extremely important. It is therefore essential that the leader takes the team with him / her and articulates the vision of the organization so that capacities and capabilities of the team are built in line with the objectives of the organization.
As far as the role of the leader is concerned in the next orbit, while increasing market share will be as relevant as in the current scenario, importance will also be laid on enhancing stakeholder value, quality of corporate governance and employee satisfaction. These intangible elements will assume great importance for leaders in the next orbit.

Where on one hand, leaders will be focused on the financials of the company, they will have to give equal attention to the human capital of the organization on the other. How can leaders maintain a balance here?
This is a very crucial aspect. Like I mentioned before, while focus on the performance of the organization in financial terms will continue to be important, concentration on human capital will be equally essential. Obviously for any organization to grow, it is imperative that they attract, develop and retain talent. Attracting talent will henceforth include offering a position to people that they are able to identify with. This will therefore require a lot of strategic planning at the recruitment level to zero in at the right candidate for the right job. Employers will have to lay emphasis on parameters like aptitude of the candidate, job satisfaction, pay package, et al, to retain employees.

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