Article: Global forces influencing organisational performance

Strategic HR

Global forces influencing organisational performance

Dr. Arvind Agrawal, President & chief Executive Corporate Development & HR, RPG enterprises

Global forces influencing organizational performance


 With global companies setting foot in the Indian market, customers have diverse choices and access to global products with global quality and standards to purchase. Therefore, Indian companies need to adopt global standards of quality and service if they don’t want to lose their customers to multinationals. Secondly, talent mobility has opened doors to a new set of talent. A lot of Indian talent, which had gone overseas, is now returning. In addition to this, due to adverse employment situation in western countries, global talent is also flocking to India with a lot of domain background and maturity at salaries as per Indian standards. Companies are beginning to utilize this potential talent pool to raise its performance. Shareholders’ expectation is another area which has radically transformed with the Indian government now allowing investment up to $25,000 in foreign funds. Investors and shareholders today are demanding returns as per global standards and expect companies to consistently perform better and give them superior returns.

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