Article: Energizing for Excellence: 16th NHRDN annual conference


Energizing for Excellence: 16th NHRDN annual conference

J. RaviKanth Reddy, Convener & President, National HRD Network, Hyderabad Chapter, shares the excitement about the 16th NHRDN Annual Conference to be held in Hyderabad on November 29, 30 and December 1, 2012

The conference will aim to sensitise individuals, organisations and society to be future-ready


The National HRD Network (NHRDN) Annual conference is back in Hyderabad after 12 years. This year round, the largest event of the HR fraternity, being led by the Hyderabad Chapter in the biggest convention center in Hyderabad with a strong focus on “going beyond HR”, endeavors to bring business leaders and CXOs together to reflect on strategies to energize excellence.

“Economies and societies are going through sweeping changes across the globe; and it is imperative to leverage the vast human potential to transform teams, organizations and nations at large. This can be done only by kindling the spirit and energizing individuals and teams. We believe this conference is apt in the current global context and for building high performing teams.”

“For years, thought leaders have talked about the need for excellence, the differential energy being the key in this journey. But, not enough time has been spent on how to ignite that and bring out excellence,” shares J RaviKanth Reddy.

The theme, “Energizing for Excellence” was firmed up after a structured process that included contribution and integration of thoughts from the entire NHRDN community and several rounds of brainstorming.

The common thread that will run across the 3-day conference will dwell upon the need to energize - the individual, the teams, the organization, the society and the nation. The main session, mega session and master session, are structured so as to have promoters, CMDs, CEOs, employers and thought leaders, deliberating on the key theme. The National Conference expects CEOs and CMDs belonging to India Inc., to address the delegates and share their expertise on unlocking human potential and to improve efficiencies with new tools, processes and technology, in the organization.

The most important feature of the conference is the seamless integration of the theme in the subsequent sessions, thereby creating a highly interwoven approach to the entire learning experience. Sharing what is unique about the conference, RaviKanth, says, “Our focus is on building organizations and teams in its holistic perspective – which makes it relevant to all business leaders – rather than focus only on HR centric processes and HR teams. Our aim is also to bring strong mindshare that most successful institutions had a great role played by HR in their journey. We would also like to highlight the accountability of business organizations as responsible citizens in sustainable development.”

In essence, the conference will aim to sensitize individuals, organizations and society to be future-ready, the need to invest in future competencies and the role of HR as a change agent for organizational development and transformation. The largest event in HR will aim to engage the professional community in a conversation about the need to build excellence at all levels and its business impact.

It is in this context that the NHRDN Conference this year aims to enhance the value proposition of the HR function by energizing the individual, team, organization, society and the nation.

J. RaviKanth Reddy, Convener & President, National HRD Network, Hyderabad ChapterĀ 

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