Article: Engage, Nurture and Sustain: Anju Talwar


Engage, Nurture and Sustain: Anju Talwar

Anju Talwar, Senior Vice President, Genpact, talks about diversity initiatives in Genpact

Genpact has a stated goal of 25% women in the executive ranks and 50% women hires at the management levels


Genpact realized early on that gender diversity, especially in the senior ranks, would be critical to the organization's performance. With client companies becoming more gender-diverse, having women in senior leadership roles make more business sense. More importantly, the women style of leadership, focusing on teamwork and mentoring, helps to build the stickiness in the talent pool, which is always in short supply. Furthermore, being known as an "employer of choice"; helps maintain Genpact's famously low turnover rate, a significant competitive advantage in India's tight talent market. Genpact has a stated goal of 25% women in the executive ranks and 50% women hires at the management levels.

Creating the right environment for women at Genpact is broadly categorized as "engage, nurture and sustain initiatives"; to allow them to balance their personal and professional lives. Genpact provides all security and safety elements including a mechanism for reporting harassment at the workplace, a flexible work environment with extended maternity leave, work from home option and part-time work, and education & training initiatives specifically for women. The work-life balance program, including flexibility options and support services like concierge services, grocery on-site and medical checkups on premises, further create a work environment conducive for women

The "Genpact Women" International Network's (GenWIN) is a global affinity group for women that address their individual needs and increase their exposure by providing various networking opportunities. The shared experiences help build global perspective through sharing of best practices amongst members. The Network fulfills a business need by helping tap a wide pool of skilled employees, encouraging the culture of diversity and boosting motivation and retention by offering a number of high-profile career opportunities and stretch assignments. "WeMentor" identifies and pairs 150 high-potential middle management women with experienced leaders in the company to assist and guide them on various professional fronts. There are leadership development programs that enable women to acquire the required skills to grow within Genpact. 

Anju Talwar is the Senior Vice President, Genpact


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