Article: Leadership consulting space is competitive: Bimal Rath

Strategic HR

Leadership consulting space is competitive: Bimal Rath

Bimal Rath, Founder & Managing Director, Think Talent Services
Leadership consulting space is competitive: Bimal Rath

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The competitive landscape in the leadership consulting space is characterized by three types of providers – one is the global providers which are standardized in their offering and have very good products and services, although many of their products are still getting customized to operate in the Indian space. At the bottom, are the many trainers and individual players who do work in the leadership and talent space and these may vary based on quality of service, price points or reach in the market. And in the middle are small firms which have quality experience which are either specialized firms that have created a niche for itself or small boutique HR consulting firms which, along with leadership consulting, also offer other HR services like recruitment, compensation and other services. 

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