Article: Employers must focus on spotting talent early


Employers must focus on spotting talent early

Ravi Shankar, chief Human Resources Officer, Mahindra Holidays & Ramesh Ramanathan, MD, Mahindra Holidays

For any growing industry segment, talent availability poses a huge challenge. Huge demand for talent is the main reason for this


What is the typical career progression you offer to employees – both horizontal and vertical – and how does this link to succession planning?

Ravi Shankar: Employees have an opportunity to move within their function or explore opportunities in adjacent functions. We have a very rigorous Talent Management Program within the company which deals with spotting talent early on through Assessment Centers and Development Centers and helping people grow based on their strengths. The talent management program looks deep into the organisation and takes in to account succession needs of each step in the hierarchy.

Ramesh Ramanathan: For any growing industry segment, talent availability poses a huge challenge. Huge demand for talent is the main reason for this.

We have been in the forefront of developing local talent through structured programs in all our resorts. We have also embarked on the process of creating an institutionalised educational framework that would meet the growing needs of Mahindra Holidays as well as create talent for industry as a whole.

Which functions in your organization do you see as the most crucial for your competitive advantage?

Ramesh Ramanathan: In our business two important activities are: acquiring new members and delighting existing members. Both of these require good human capital in the organization. Hence, the competitive advantage comes from skilled and trained manpower who represent us to our members.

What is your view on how outsourcing will grow in your industry?

Ravi Shankar: Organizations will continue to focus on activities that provide them competitive advantages. Non-core competencies may continue to be outsourced to service providers who have specific and more focused competencies, allowing the hospitality firm to concentrate on its core functions that it has specialized in. This will be within the ambit of law.

Ravi Shankar is the Chief Human Resource Officer and Ramesh Ramanathan is the MD, Mahindra Holidays

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