Article: Product players are expanding portfolios: James Thomas

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Product players are expanding portfolios: James Thomas

James Thomas, Country Manager, India Operations, Kronos
Product players are expanding portfolios: James Thomas

“The emergence of mobileplatforms and connecteddevices is dramaticallychanging the wayemployers and employeesengage, share informationand execute decisions”


There are three interesting trends embracing the human capital management space world over, and India is no exception. These are consolidation, service delivery platforms and analytics and ‘managing in the moment’. Firstly, there is a clear consolidation and tighter integration of HR processes happening within organizations and service providers are increasingly consolidating their offerings to meet this demand. Secondly, the emergence of mobile platforms and connected devices is dramatically changing the way employers and employees engage, share information and execute decisions. HR service delivery platform providers are also embracing this new convergence through new channels on the cloud, on social media etc. And thirdly, the emergence of data is giving way to actionable information on the move through a more guided intuitive framework for ‘managing in the moment’, powered by analytics and insight. Product players are expanding portfolios to enable companies manage coverage and outreach with employees.

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