Article: Quality of hire is incredibly subjective: Sue Campbell


Quality of hire is incredibly subjective: Sue Campbell

Sue Campbell, Managing Director, Asia at Korn Ferry Futurestep on quality of hire, innovation in the Talent Acquisition space, Brexit and its impact on APAC, and the competitive business landscape of India
Quality of hire is incredibly subjective: Sue Campbell
Sue Campbell is the Managing Director Asia at Korn Ferry Futurestep and in her current role she is responsible for RPO, Projects & Talent Acquisition Consulting across the region. Prior to joining Futurestep, she was Client Services Director at AMS, based in London, and was responsible for a portfolio of RPO client solutions covering clients across a range of industry sectors including financial & professional services, technology and consumer. Sue has extensive international experience in resourcing and talent management and is an active Board Member of the Asia Pacific Chapter of the HROA. The definition of quality of hire has evolved over the years. What is your perspective on it, considering this whole dilemma about the quality of hire? It started as the measure of the hiring process – measuring and ranking the experience of the candidate and the hiring manager. I think that is valid as it is a part of candidate’s experience of joining the organization and is ...
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Topics: C-Suite, Recruitment, #TeamAlignment, #Hiring

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