Article: School EdTech startup LEAD appoints Ritwik Khare as COO


School EdTech startup LEAD appoints Ritwik Khare as COO

Taking over the new role, Ritwik will bring in newer, more innovative models of growing with the EdTech sector.
School EdTech startup LEAD appoints Ritwik Khare as COO

The recently turned Unicorn, school EdTech company LEAD has announced the elevation of Chief Commercial Officer Ritwik Khare as the Chief Operation Officer (COO). The new appointment comes after Ritwik helped achieve a series of successes towards driving sales and spearheading the revenue function of the company. 

Ritwik comes with has over 20 years of experience in leadership positions and has successfully driven the business to new heights. In his new role, Ritwik will take the lead in providing a unified customer experience to LEAD’s partner schools and ensure delivering impactful learning outcomes for students. LEAD has created a niche for itself in the EdTech industry over the years by transforming core schooling in India with its innovative full-stack School EdTech solutions. Ritwik’s role in expanding this would be crucial to the company. 

Sharing the excitement about Ritwik Khare’s appointment as COO, LEAD co-founder Sumeet Mehta added that “we are in the midst of a very exciting phase and Ritwik’s deep understanding of the evolving EdTech landscape with customer-centricity at its core is remarkable. This makes him a perfect fit to lead our next wave of growth.” Speaking on how the company would leverage his skills Sumeet added that he looks forward to Ritwik taking “charge of the company’s overall operations and developing innovative sales models for scaling up at a rapid pace. "

In line with LEAD’s vision to transform schooling, co-founder Smita Deorah added that “Ritwik’s new position will further empower the zonal teams towards delivering academic and commercial outcomes for our partners. This internal elevation also reinforces our promise of building LEADers from within the system.”

Talking about his new role Ritwik Khare said, “I am thankful to Sumeet and Smita for their continued belief in me, as together we work towards LEAD’s mission of transforming core school education in India.” Incharge of their plans to expand in the coming years, it's his aim to make LEAD’s mission of providing affordable high-quality education available to every child in India. He hopes to be a key player in the company’s vision to reach 25 million students in 60,000 schools by 2026. 

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