Article: Skills CHROs must acquire in 2017


Skills CHROs must acquire in 2017

A lot has been said and written on the importance of skills. Herein, I bring a list of top skills that CHROs should acquire in the year 2017.
Skills CHROs must acquire in 2017

Parag Pande, Accenture’s human resource lead for India and global lead for learning and talent development operations shares his opinion on what are the top skills CHROs should acquire in the year 2017.


With digital disruption sweeping industries, digital skills will ensure that latest technology advancements, such as analytics can be used to develop an insight-driven approach to talent management, and focused initiatives that deliver a strong business impact.

Business acumen and Strategic thinking

Will provide the ability to align talent strategies with business goals, and take decisions today that support long-term growth goals. A strong foundation of business and financial acumen helps a CHRO take a long-term view over multiple horizons for the larger talent agenda.

People orientation

Will enable the balancing of employee aspirations with business needs. Humans are at the centre of the digital revolution and hence a CHRO is uniquely positioned to design a talent agenda’s that discover, inspire and groom best people to lead the path of innovation and business growth.


In an ecosystem-driven business environment, it will enable the co-creation of ideas and initiatives for collective progress and market leadership.

Cognitive flexibility

In a rapidly evolving and increasingly ambiguous market context, it provides the agility needed to thrive, and drive innovation and change. Cognitive flexibility allows one to adapt to external change easily, and find the smartest paths to results.

Result Orientation

Will enable an outcome-driven approach that reflects a true partnership with the business. A strong bias towards accountability, action and execution will ensure that every opportunity is maximised.

Change Leadership

Will help companies stay ahead and harness new opportunities. A dynamic CHRO who leads from the front, anticipates and experiments with change and inspires others to thrive in the face of ambiguity in times of unprecedented change.

Brand Ambassador

A CHRO should become the brand ambassador for the talent agenda both internally and externally - visibly promoting the people practices and talent offerings. Harnessing the power of visualization a CHRO should continuously inspire others to get involved and believe in the outcomes and translate the larger vision to reality.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence helps a CHRO understand the pulse of the people and stakeholders, empathise better with others, engage in meaningful conversations, and enhance outcomes. High level of EI enables a CHRO to build consensus across the ecosystem through critical problem solving for the multiple everyday challenges.

Creativity & Innovation

Will channelize organizational creativity to solution finding, with design thinking. Creativity is the ability to reframe the situation and take innovative approaches to solving complex problems using a combination of imagination and practicality, design thinking is a new approach that every organization should start thinking about to fuel its innovation goals.

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