Article: Social media's role has become more pronounced: Gautam Ghosh


Social media's role has become more pronounced: Gautam Ghosh

Gautam Ghosh, Platform Evangelist and India Marketing - BraveNewTalent
Social media's role has become more pronounced: Gautam Ghosh

With the new workforce becoming more active on social media, organizations have also entered this space to be where talent is. A lot of companies have started adding a career tab to their Facebook page or are creating separate career pages altogether. For example, Dell has an Asia Pacific career page on Facebook. Initially, more than individual organizations, it was the third party recruiters who had begun using social media to leverage each other’s networks. Recruiters could connect with each other and help close vacancies faster using these networks. Today, social media’s role in talent management as a whole has become more pronounced. There are dedicated tools or platforms to help organizations attract, hire, retain and develop talent more effectively.

BraveNewTalent is an online talent community where organizations can create profiles and be followed by people interested in knowing more about them. Organizations can engage their ‘Talent Community’ by sharing information about news, updates from their other social media like Twitter and YouTube, and also career opportunities. The option to further segregate people who follow them by various parameters into groups allows organizations to stay connected with prospective potential candidates, thereby making hiring more effective.

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