Article: Talent critical for business growth: Y. V Lakshminarayan Pandit

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Talent critical for business growth: Y. V Lakshminarayan Pandit

Y.V. LakshmiNarayanan Pandit, Managing Director, SHL India
Talent critical for business growth: Y. V Lakshminarayan Pandit

Most organizations have realized now that talent is a critical part of achieving their business growth. They cannot implement their business strategy unless they have the right talent in the right place. How do you ensure that you have that right talent in the right place? First, you have to identify that talent at the time of hiring i.e. talent acquisition and then once you have the right people on board you need to provide them with appropriate development inputs throughout their careers. Talent assessment provides organizations with the information required to make the right selection decisions as well as right talent development decisions by providing them with information on key strengths and areas of development of people. Historically, most organizations used subjective assessments for these decisions but that is giving way to objective assessments with the advances in psychometrics, psychology, organizational behavior etc. There are several tools and methodologies through which we can get a lot more information on an individual than just through interviews. You can match an individual’s competencies to the job requirements in a more scientific way through these methods and the assessment data helps you take better people decisions. 

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