Article: Top 12 trends: Teamwork and Talent - Dave Ulrich


Top 12 trends: Teamwork and Talent - Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich, Co-founder & Partner, The RBL Group
 Top 12 trends: Teamwork and Talent - Dave Ulrich

In the last decade or so, “talent” has focused on competence (ability) and commitment (engagement). In the year to come, there will be a substantial movement towards ‘meaning’. This shift is already happening in marketing, strategy, psychology and other disciplines, as many people are increasingly seeking purpose and meaning in their personal lives. When leaders become meaning makers, they shift their focus of talent to help people realize that work can be a setting where their deepest values are realized. The general perceptions of people have changed gradually, and in 2012 we will note that a lot of emphasis and focus is being laid on contribution or meaning.

The focus of organizations will undergo a radical change. Even though demographics have traditionally focused on race, gender, and age, in the future, it will be inevitable that global talent processes preempt local responses. Global sourcing, global development assignments, and global rewards equity will become increasingly important. Globalization will thus be one of the most eminent trends in 2012 as it would connect people in different regions through technology and a global mindset.

Further to the fact that globalization is unavoidable we cannot ignore the increasing importance of the combination of teamwork and talent. While “talent” is a critical driver, it is equally relevant that great talent in the absence of teamwork will not succeed. Individual ability without organizational capability will not create sustainable success. We have found that crafting organization capabilities that become the identity of the company in the mind of key stakeholders, made real to employees, is a critical addition to traditional individually-focused talent initiatives.

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