Article: Editorial: The inside out strategy in an Indian context


Editorial: The inside out strategy in an Indian context

Editorial for April 2010 issue

People Matters’ first issue of the new financial year focuses on two central themes – The Inside-out Strategy and Total Rewards 2010 Special.

The ‘Inside-out Strategy’ was conceived during an office discussion on Reliance and Dhirubhai Ambani. What started as a water cooler moment on Guru, the movie, turned into a detailed examination into why Reliance succeeded in their mega capacity, high volume, low cost strategy when number of other eminent competitors tried the same…and failed.

And most of the reasons that came forth were basically founded in the idea of Competence. Very rarely did Reliance fail to deliver on three fronts – Project execution, Capital raising and Regulatory influence. The scale of Dhirubhai’s ambition and vision grew proportionately with his confidence in the delivery capability of the team he had built. Each time Reliance executed a project that looked beyond their reach, their capabilities were further enhanced. And so went the growth spiral of superior market understanding, competence building and sheer guts.

The Inside-out Strategy explores the idea of competence-based strategy as opposed to one based on products, services and industry positioning. The idea, in itself, is neither new nor original and eminent thinkers starting with Hamel & Prasad have discussed the idea of Core Competence. In this cover story, we speak to industry leaders and strategy experts regarding their views on identifying, nurturing and leveraging capabilities and revisit the idea from an Indian context.

We present to you a special on Total Rewards 2010 with a compilation of ideas from prominent HR professionals, consultants and strategists on recognition, rewards and their impact on employee performance. The special includes broad market trends in rewards, bonuses and salary increases. We also look beyond and explore ideas on employee engagement and demographically customized rewards.

In this issue, we bring interesting insights into ideas of fairness, employee empowerment & engagement (Peter Block) and great as opposed to good (FranklinCovey team). Rajeshwar Upadhyaya engages us with his thoughts in the second part of his series exploring the connection between the Indian ethos and public apathy. Happy reading.

To a prosperous financial year ahead!


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