Article: Women as Equal Partners: Linsey Simpson


Women as Equal Partners: Linsey Simpson

Linsey Simpson, MD India Operations, Thomsoon Reuters share how women bring value to their business

Being a global organization with customers and employees spanning a multitude of countries, cultures and professions, Thomson Reuters recognizes the global nature of the organization as a valuable business asset. The commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion is broad, and includes actively working to bring together employees from diverse backgrounds, genders, cultures, and lifestyles; creating an environment that encourages new ways of thinking and working.

Our office has a thriving women's network with a vision to develop talent and champion the contributions of women employees, thus promoting women as equal partners in the success, achievement, and profitability of the organization. Women with high potential are identified, mentored and groomed to develop their career path. Sub committees like "Women @ Thomson Reuters Bangalore", and "Women in Technology" are examples which address the needs of women. Senior executives and industry experts are invited to panel discussions and speaker sessions where they address the women employees on various topics such as the need for networking, leadership and career planning.

Thomson Reuters also partnered with external women’s organizations like Anita Borg Institute, the WILL Forum and Goldman Sachs's Women Network for mutual benefits and learning. Efforts towards diversity and inclusion are tracked regularly through data on workforce gender ratio and hiring, retention and promotion of women which is reported to senior leaders and Board of Directors.

Linsey Simpson is the MD India Operations, Head of HR, Operational Centres – Markets, Thomson Reuters India Services


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